Pamela Slim is no longer working with new coaching clients, but highly recommends these colleagues to help you launch or grow your business. To find out about Pam's current projects, visit

Desiree Adaway

Focus: Social Sector, Leadership

The Adaway Group helps transform your team and culture—developing alignment, clarity, creativity, and effectiveness so your team can focus on what’s most important–working together to create real and lasting change in the world.

Mike Bruny

Focus: Branding

I’m really excited about helping working professionals who are hard at work for someone else’s brand. I help them have more impact, better connections and create more opportunities for themselves by building their OWN brand. I call this work, “Brand Inside a Brand Coaching.”

Ursula Jorch, Work Alchemy

Focus: Small Business, Start-up

Business Coach Ursula Jorch advises visionary solopreneurs and entrepreneurs on business and marketing strategies.

Melissa Anzman

Focus: Launching packages

Melissa Anzman is an author, career coach and launch coachsultant, who helps people launch their career, business, or brand and maximize their potential.